Tsemo Rough cut by Boardzup Magazine

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March Madness Unleashed: TSEMO Rough Cut


In March, we unleashed the gnarliest street skateboarding scenes captured on film by our magazine. TSEMO,  brought together the undeniable talents of Ajay Waii Sonam, Lucky Tamuk, Abu Phassang, and Mecki Tage to create this  rare skate video.

Now, we proudly present the raw, unfiltered essence of their incredible skills in the long-awaited “Tsemo” video part rough cut.

Dive into the raw, unfiltered world of TSEMO’s Rough Cut. Experience the sweat, the falls, the laughter, and the sheer determination that paved the way to this skate video part. It’s more than just a video – it’s the embodiment of the heart and soul poured into every trick, every grind, and every second of pure adrenaline.

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Skaters: Ajay Waii Sonam, Lucky Tamuk, Mecki Tage, Abu Phassang.

Behind The Lens: Mecki Tage, Lucky Tamuk, and Ajay Waii Sonam took charge behind the lens. 

Additional Filming: Abu Phassang, Naresh Meetie, Mayank Shah, and Yaki Nabam adds depth and dimension to the journey.


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