Boardzup Magazine x Shillong Skate Mag : ABACHENGIPA

ABACHENGIPA Skate Video : Boardzup Magazine x Shillong Skate Mag

The ABACHENGIPA skate video burst into existence through an awesome collaboration that kicked off in early January. It all ignited when Mecki Tage linked up with Flavin, a key player in the Shillong Skate Mag (SSM) crew, who was conveniently in Delhi at the time, caught up in filming for the Efficacy skateboards team’s Capital video segment. They hatched a solid plan to craft a skate video together.
 Boardzup magazine stepped up with the funds, while SSM took charge of the on-site action, infusing their unique creative flair into the filming process.
Zooming ahead to late April, all the pieces had fallen into place. SSM managed to snag a camera for a month, and the filming took off with Rueben spearheading the visual charge. Skaters such as Flavin, Russell, Namsarang, Pantera, Anit, and a bunch of their comrades jumped into the mix, injecting dynamic energy into the video segment. 
Over the following month, it was an all-out skate invasion in spots of Shillong and its surrounding corners, wherever their wheels rolled. The ethos was all about embracing the uninhibited spirit of skating, relishing the thrill of hill bombing and filming tricks at various street spots. The vibe was straight-up about having good times, celebrating friendship, and pure, unadulterated fun.
Reuben has a knack for capturing the jaw-dropping and funny candid moments on camera. With Chiambong, Ludip, Pantera, and Flavin lending their creative magic behind the camera. The result? The birth of the ABACHENGIPA skate video, a project that easily ranks among our most exhilarating and entertaining ventures. 
So, if you’re game, grab a drink, kick back, and be sure to catch the full video. Trust us, you’ll dig the flow and all those fun details of this mind-blowing skate journey.
Skaters : Flavin, Russell, Namsarang, Pantera, Anit.
Homies: Eric, Chuba, Dimterik, Mutun Ikendra,Grizer, Paros, Andy, Pinki, Chusrang.  
Created by: Mecki Tage
Filmed by: Reuben I Sangma
Additional Filming: Flavin, Chiambong, Ludip, Pantera.
Poster Artwork: Reuben I Sangma
Poster Fonts: Mudang Ekha
Produced by: Boardzup Magazine
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