ABACHENGIPA Skate Video Teaser 2 – Full Part Drops on this 24th!”

ABACHENGIPA Skate Video Teaser 2 – Full Part Drops on this 24th!”

Get ready for the second teaser of ABACHENGIPA, a collaboration between Boardzup Magazine x Shillong Skate Mag, set to be released on August 24th. 

This teaser captures the SSM crew as they hit the streets of Shillong through visuals of unfiltered emotions and unapologetic celebration of freedom while embracing skateboarding as a form of expression, passion and camaraderie.

ABACHENGIPA is not just about tricks on four wheels; it’s about the snippets of unfiltered joy and the determination that comes from carving one’s mark on the world. The teaser provides a glimpse into the lives of individuals who embrace skating as a form of expression, showcasing their raw passion and camaraderie.

You can catch the teaser on the Boardzup Magazine website and YouTube channel, where the full video part will also be released. This collaboration between two skate magazines promises an immersive experience that captures the soul of skating in its purest form. 

So mark your calendars for August 24th and get ready to witness the beauty of skating culture and the stories it tells. 🛹🎥

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