GRADUATION – Boardzup x Piso Skateboards

Have you ever dreamed of creating a skateboarding video part, having that enthusiastic and gnarly group of skaters with whom you could explore the street spots and film?

It was unexpected to have all of these happen in Itanagar city (It means the Brick city literally).

It was the fall of 2021 when our editor Mecki Tage had to travel back to Itanagar (it’s a few km away from his hometown) due to the third wave of COVID in Delhi when he meet this group of amazing young skaters in Itanagar.

They always traveled in their scooters hitting spots every day so they could have a good skating session. We finally found a team with whom we could film our first video part.

In spring 2022 we finally began filming the Graduation video part exploring the streets of Itanagar city featuring Abu Phassang, Ajay Waii Sonam, Ama Phassang, Lucky Tamuk, Nani Waii Sonam, Nabam Taveen, and Mecki Tage.